Tuesday, September 11, 2012


in july, we partied it up for em spicy's last night

in july, we said our sad goodbyes to emily
in july, we spent the ENTIRE day at the beach

in july, i had the most epic 4th of July ever. rainy malibu to legit pool with a water slide to a bbq to fireworks at the rosebowl. epic day of epicness..

in july, we hit up ice cream trucks & thrift stores, saw jeremy's band play, and got serious with operation

in july we got fancy and played cranium.

in july, we visited the kogi truck and did the cinnamon challenge..

in july, we went to six flags!

in july, i got to dance in an episode of a nick show :]


in june, we took family fotos and spent our last days with jj, soon to be elder astle

in july, we went to sky high and bounced on tramps all day

in july, we danced to imagine dragons as we gave our final hugs to jj 

in july, i went surfing with the relief society for the first timeand stood up on the board a bunch of times!

in july, becca and kirsten came to visit, we babysat tristan and visited bryan in the ER

in july, madison, brynn and i drove vegas to audition for a feature film about Liberace with Matt Damon and Michael Douglas, and we got to visit our vegas friends 

in july, we got on the vip guest list to Design for Humanity music festival from Dan Reynolds (lead singer of Imagine Dragons) and got to hang out on paramount studios back lot and see a bunch of bands play!!

in july, the olympics began and we attended an opening ceremony party

in july, we danced in a short dark comedy, "School Shooting, The Musical"


in july, brynn and i had a much needed best friends date at bjs. done.